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Mission statement: To raise awareness of crucial YouTube videos and explore why they are relevant to digital media history.

About This Blog
This blog is going to be focused on analyzing YouTube videos that are relevant to YouTube’s history. I’m going to pick videos that particularly were the most influential, those that most contributed to the current YouTube video form and community. The purpose of my blog will be two things. First, to introduce my readers to these past videos they might have forgotten or didn’t know existed. The second is to preserve the videos in a historical context, pointing out what is notable about them. I’m going to function as a sort of “YouTube historian.” I feel like things on the web change so quickly that they need to be actively documented more or we’ll lose valuable history.

About Me
I’ve been watching and making online videos since 2006 (I first signed up for YouTube on June 6th, 2006 – 666!) For years I was mostly passive- observing, commenting and learning the media as it developed. About three and a half years ago I became a more active participant and started attending real life YouTube gatherings. From these gatherings I made my first real connections with other YouTubers. Meeting these peers, with whom I later became friends with, really shaped my interest and dedication to the website and our community. I now a “YouTube partner” and proud part of the huge network of these friends and collaborators. They’ve influenced my choice for college and have inspired me to want to venture into online video/media creation or marketing as my future career. I am currently a Freshman studying at a university in Southern California.

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