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If I reblog or retweet something, don’t always take that as explicit support for it. I find the world interesting and complex.

December 29, 2013
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I don’t always have an extensive knowledge on every artist that created a piece of art I reblog.

I don’t always know the total context of a gifset of an interview.

There are a lot of things I DONT KNOW. And, I’m comfortable admitting that because the world is vast and my understanding and experience with it is small.

I treat my tumblr like a collection. A collection of quotes and images that I like, that make me think, that make me feel comforted and make me feel uncomfortable.

I collect these things for reasons that I don’t always preface with an indepth explanation or a thesis statement about their importance to an overall conversation.

And I know that the originators of the art, the literature, the quotes that make me think and feel things don’t all hold my same life view. I don’t always share things that I agree with or that fit into the way I look at the world. I share them because I find them INTERESTING.

I am so down to be educated about the context of things and even know more about the people who created things I find value in. And, because we are all sharing this space, we get to do that for and with each other.

But, as an artist and a musician, I have to on some level separate the art from the person, the point from the speaker. Sometimes that seems impossible. But, I would never be able to find any joy in literature, art, music, speeches if I didn’t. 

I’m not going to preface every song I reblog or every image of a sculpture with a breakdown of the creators views on religion, race, sexuality..I’m just not equipped to do that. 

Does that make any sense?

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