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Youtube does have sub boxes though?

September 26, 2013
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Yes, but I think mostly because sub boxes are so engrained in the YouTube culture. But nonetheless it looks like they don’t want to fix the sub box as a reliable source of keeping up with your content. Instead they would like to predict what kinds of videos we want to watch.

I’ve decided to have an experiment. I’ve unsubscribed from all of the YouTubers that have really large audiences (SourceFed, Wheezywaiter, DailyGrace) and instead I’m going to watch their videos when they link them on their Twitter feeds. I have a day job with Tweetdeck so I’m gonna see their tweets.

For all of the medium to large sized YouTubers, I’m going to do the same thing and watch their videos when they link them on other social media feeds BUT I’m not going to unsub from them. I want to see if the traffic source of my personal viewership is going to affect my sub box. Hopefully, it will now be filled with videomakers with smaller voices. 

Feel free to try that with me!

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