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Left to right: Jonathan – head of social, Jeb Havens – lead…

September 25, 2013
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Left to right: Jonathan – head of social, Jeb Havens – lead developer of Top Fans, __, Nundu Janakiram – product manager at YouTube HQ, Liam Collins Fischer – runs LA creator space.

Takeaways from Los Angeles Social Media Week: YouTube Google+ Edition

  • YouTube ⟺ Google
    We’re seeing more G+ on YouTube, but also more videos in search.
  • 30% more people click subscribe if they see that people in their circles are subbed to someone they’re not.
  • YOU CAN BLACKLIST WORDS in the comments of all your videos.

  • Top Fans only show your top 1K
  • When you block people they can’t tell unless they’re logged out.
  • The new comment algorithm means is personalized by who I engage with, then who everyone else is engaging with.
    comments ⇢ conversations
    recently ⇢ ranking
  • Re: Posting comments automatically across G+ and YT “We respect your privacy settings all the way through”
  • Unanswerable question:What happens when someone’s channel name includes a word I blacklisted?
  • Unanswerable question 2 : I can message my tops fans and it goes through G+. Does this mean /inbox is no longer relevant? How long until messages are just e-mail?


After the event I talked to Mr. Janakiram about why they killed video responses. He said there were two reasons.

1. Only about 4 in 1 million people used them. To this I argued that it matters to certain projects, like Project For Awesome or Nermion’s annual survey. He knew what those were but continued that 2. The new comment system will allow for links, including smart video links. YouTube links show a preview in G+ posts and import the title in comments. This way, instead of an unorganized box of responses, the videos will become part of the conversation and popular/important ones will float to the top.

I expressed that a lot of creators felt frustrated and betrayed when the the shutdown surprised us, without an available alternative. I suggested they focus on comments’ features when they launch 

I have audio recording of the whole event, if you’re interested please contact me at michelletells at 🙂

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