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September 19, 2013
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For those of you who don’t know Charles Trippy, he’s a daily vlogger on YouTube. Him and his wife Alli have been vlogging consecutively for the past 5 years. Recently, they even won a Guiness World Record for it. About a year ago, Charles had a seizure while on tour with his band, We the Kings. He found out he had a brain tumor and went through surgery to remove it. He was fine for about a year until he started having more seizures. He finally found out that there was a little piece of the tumor still left on his brain that they left so they wouldn’t damage his motor skills while trying to remove it. So yesterday, he underwent his second surgery to finally remove the tumor and hopefully stop his seizures once and for all. This guy is such a badass that he asked the doctors if he could vlog during his surgery. The doctors said yes and even helped him film when he kept dropping the camera.

Charles is so dedicated to his fans and would do anything for us. So now it’s our turn to do something for him. Him and Alli are so close to hitting 1 million subscribers on their channel. The entire CTFxC army is trying to spread the word and help them reach their goal. For those of you who aren’t subscribed to them, click here and go do so right now.

They are the most inspirational and positive people in the world. They’ve helped me through a lot of hard times and are constantly spreading joy everywhere they go. If anyone deserves a million subscribers, it’s definitely them.

Charles is a great guy and all of you should definitely subscribe to his channel – this dude always makes me laugh, and right now it’s super sad to see such an incredible guy go through so much, go give him some support!!

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