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It’s all about YOU

September 9, 2012

♪ ♫ Yesterday you asked me something I thought you knew
So I told you with a smile
It’s all about you ♪ ♫

This blog is about YOU, my dear readers. This space is going to be used for exploring and understanding you, where you fit into this connected web of technology that consumes life as we used to know it. I’m going to use mostly text, spliced with video and images, to unravel social technology.

You’re using technology to practically ready my mind this very moment. Your screen, your browser, your internet connection – technology that replaces and expands upon conventional modes of communication.

My hope is that through analysis of the newest of new media social communication you become literate in their modes. I want to help you understand the way a Tweet is intended or worded, and how that is different than a video blog or long-form blogging. These platforms and their languages are evolving. I find joy in slowing down to analyze the significance of that evolution. I hope you will to.

You may notice that the color scheme of my blog is red, black and white. This is to remind you of YouTube and hopefully make you comfortable. YouTube feels like home to me, I hope it feels like home to you too.

Wether we know each other you from class (hello, professor!) or from “the interwebs,” welcome.


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