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Re: Top Subscribed Not Subscribed

May 6, 2011

YouTuber/Digital media artist/Social media consultant Scott Kinmartin recently posted a controversial editorial on his Tumblr about community involvement among top ranking YouTubers. You’re free to read it here but I’ll point out some highlights.

Scott wanted to figure out why it seems like many of the top YouTubers rarely comment on videos. He calculated that

Among the Top 10 channels on YouTube (according to VidStatsX), they are subscribed to 80 channels COMBINED (minus machinima). To his credit, NigaHiga, the most subscribed channel on YouTube, counts for 49 of those 80 subscriptions.

and that many of the Top 100 are similar. The exception is the lovable Michael Buckley of his WHATTHEBUCKSHOW sitting at  23rd most subscribed. Buck has extremely popular videos and devotes his time and effort into the production of his video like the other top creators, but simultaneously is committed to interacting with the community. He functions similarly to the cross-promoting engaged “smaller” YouTubers. Scott asks

Should you primarily focus on your own work (which has proven successul) or spend a little extra time to help others that may pay off in the long run?  I know Michael Buckley’s answer.

In response MysteryGuitarMan defended his channel’s absence of subscriptions with a tweet 

I know that what MGM said is true for others as well, which I find intriguing. Part of this self-censorship is because top creators like MysteryGuitarMan know that no matter what comment they post it will be thumbed up, regardless of content, because other users recognize the username. HayleyGHoover noticed and pointed out this trend in a vlog. This is silly! While on most of the internet people value the option of anonymity, YouTube is a place where you’re encouraged to literally show your face when you have something to say. I believe it would encourage the efforts the creators if they saw comments from recognizable usernames on their videos. I know I do.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. May 7, 2011 7:20 pm

    Thanks for elaborating on your feelings about my blog post. You did a fantastic job and I agree with what you’re saying. 🙂

  2. May 9, 2011 7:41 pm

    I find this interesting and a bit aloof of these youtube users. They must feel like since so many people subscribe to their blog they don’t need to watch others, or maybe they’re just too busy working on their own blog!


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