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April 1, 2011


Run by: DFTBA Records

Content: Like any “URL shortener” it converts long urls into shortened links that are customizable. The handle stands for “don’t forget to be awesome.” The service provides a list of the daily and weekly trending links, statistics for links, and a fun trick the flips webpages when you add “/mirror” to the end of a URL.

Relevance: is the new popular url shortener of the YouTube community. This is because, of course, it is run by YouTuber record label, DFTBA. It’s nice see tweets containing links because they signal to readers that the tweeter is integrated enough in the community to appreciate and utilize such special things. It’s just as effective as other popular services (like or,) and while “” also signifies the content of the link, it only shortens videos URLs, is more versatile. It’s trendy for important websites to have their own URLs nowadays, pretty soon we’ll be seeing the .com domain dissapear and more services like this one.

*Note: the shortened URL of this blog is

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