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March 25, 2011


Run by: Michael X (Who is not officially affiliated with YouTube)

Content: VidStatsX displays YouTube statistics. This includes charts of the most viewed videos, lists of top gaining channels, data about specific channels and other statistics along those lines.

Relevance: The official YouTube charts are awkward to navigate to and often inaccurate. VidStatsX provides an excellent external alternative for YouTubers to refer to. The Web 1.5 reminiscent design is clear. There are no distracting graphics for show, just links to the data and a lovely “community collage” showcasing sponsors.  Even TheWillofDC, YouTube News /”Winners and Losers” host has cited it. VidStatsX has recenly partnered up with other community relevante partners such as the Uncultured Project and Playlist Live. VidStatsX is growing and has become recognized as a credible source of information. There are indeed other websites that offer YouTube stats, but VidStatsX has already penetrated the awareness of the YouTube community. VidStatsX is doing a great job so far and has a bright future in its market.

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  1. weildbet permalink
    March 26, 2011 11:56 am

    VidstatX does provide useful information!

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