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Thumbs Up To YouSposure

March 18, 2011


Run by: Adorian Deck (YouTuber and founder of the OMGFacts Twitter account)

Content: YouSposure posts videos from up-and-coming channels that deserve to be exposed. Each posts features the embedded video, a subscribe to the channel YouTube widget, Tweet, Facebook “like” and thumbs-up buttons,  as well as a short introduction inciting viewers to click play. Videos are submitted by the public through this form. Visitors can browse posts by categories such as Comedy, Music or Video Facts.

Relevance: Although YouSposure has only been live since the beginning of 2011, it’s off to a great start! Showcasing the best videos as they are posted is very exciting for the community and will be historically interesting to look back upon in the future. My favorite part is the Video Facts category, it ties in nicely with Adorian’s OMGFacts connection.
The official YouTube charts for “most popular” and “featured” are consistently occupied by the very top YouTubers, channels who do not need any more promotion. The consensus in the community in that the broken, official lists aren’t worth time browsing, which lets blogs like YouSposure fufill the market need. YouSposure  is a progression of past popular Twitter (and Tumblr) account “OurYouTube,” except more developed and without the 140-character limit. Essentially, YouSposure is functioning as the YouTube homepage did until 2010, back when an editor selected videos to feature. To be featured on the homepage was the highest honor a YouTuber could hope for (early DaveDays , ArshaAsteraki , SamWrestle and VlogBrother Hank Green even sang a songs about it!)

I predict that someday soon being featured on YouSposure will be a similar honor.

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  1. weildbet permalink
    March 19, 2011 12:44 pm

    Great idea for a website. I definitely will watch it!

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