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An Apology

March 18, 2011

Dear Readers,
I am sorry. Thus far, this blog has not been successful. I gather from the lack of positive feedback and comments that I need to spend more time on my future posts.  I have not been posting enough analysis of the source material (videos) to make my blog as academic as it is supposed to be. I’ve already learned a lot through this project- turns out writing even about super cool things such as YouTube can be challenging. You don’t care about my excuses, but please know that I am passionate about doing better in the future.

My plan: To post  at least twice as many quality entries in the coming month to make up for this past month’s mediocrity.

New schedule
~One post a week will be about a video relevant to YouTube history.
~Another weekly post will be about one of the relevant sites in my blogroll over to the right there =>
~and like the way MrArturoTrejo has his “Trejo Treats” (unscheduled midweek posts, for fun) I’ll throw in a few “MichelleTells Extras.”

To my friends who have stuck with me thus far. I promise you that I will utilize the best of my literary, writing, film and media skills to make this the best it can be. I spend the greater part of my life interacting with this lovely YouTube community and feel more and more inspired every day. Thank you!


p.s. To all my Nerdfighers out there, don’t forget to be awesome!
p.s.s.  I just noticed that my time settings were stuck on default. I’ve it fixed it and looks like I’m traveling backwards in time! All previous posts were posted on Friday nights, not Saturdays, and the dates are now correct.

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  1. weildbet permalink
    March 19, 2011 12:49 pm

    looking forward to seeing your new posts!

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